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How do we use cookies?

RAD ART FAIR wants to set cookies on your computer to help us improve your experience on our website.

New EU legislation requires us to inform you how we use cookies. This text explains how we use cookies.

We believe it is important to protect your confidentiality and be open about how we use your data. This notice is to keep you informed and to help you enjoy our sites.

What are cookies?

A cookie is simply a text file containing pieces of data collected when you visit a website. It is designed to help sites identify past user activity. This can include tracking whether you have clicked on particular links or pages, whether you have logged into your profile, or whether you have read certain pages over a period of months or even years.

There are different types of cookies, and without them websites would not function in the way you are used to using them.

The RAD ART FAIR website uses special cookies to give you the best possible experience and only those cookies that we consider necessary and useful are used.

Under the new regulations, we explain what types of cookies are used on this site, so you can decide whether you are happy, delete existing cookies or even disable the use of cookies when viewing our site.

What type of cookies are used on the RAD ART FAIR website?

Strictly necessary cookies

These are essential cookies that allow you to browse our website and use its features. These cookies do not collect information about you that could be used for advertising or to record your internet activity.

Performance cookies

They collect information about how you use a website, for example, which pages are viewed most often and whether you encounter error messages. They do not collect information that can identify you, as all data is anonymous. Performance cookies are only used to improve the way the site works.

Functionality cookies

They record the choices you make (such as your preferred language) and give you personalised usage features. They can record changes you have made to the site. The information they collect can be made anonymous. They relate strictly to our sites and cannot track other sites you visit.

Targeting Cookies

They provide you with relevant ads or messages according to your interests. Sometimes targeting cookies are linked to other sites, such as Facebook.

The four categories of cookies are classified as either temporary (“session” cookies) or longer-term (“permanent cookies”).

Session “cookies” record your actions in a single browsing session. This “session” starts when the page is opened and ends when it is closed. Cookies are then deleted forever.

“Permanent” cookies are those that remain on your phone or computer for a certain period of time. They are automatically activated when you visit a particular site again.

Another classification between cookies is made according to their source: “primary” cookies or “third-party” cookies. Primary” cookies are created by the RAD ART FAIR website once you visit it, and “third party” cookies are created by a website other than the one you visit. The RAD ART FAIR website only allows “third party” cookies from sites approved by the company.

Cookies classification for RAD ART FAIR

Strictly necessary cookies

RAD ART FAIR uses “strictly necessary” cookies to:

  • To ensure that you log in to the appropriate service when we change the way our website works

RAD ART FAIR cookies classified as “strictly necessary” will NOT be used for:

  • Collecting information that could be used to promote products or services to you.
  • Recording your preferences or username after you end your current visit.

By accessing our website you agree to the use of “strictly necessary” cookies.

If you block these cookies, we cannot guarantee your security or predict how the site will perform for you.

Below is a list of “strictly necessary” cookies generated by RAD ART FAIR on https://radartfair.com/

Cookie NameCookie TypeCookie expiry dateCategoriesType of use
PHPSESSIDSession” cookieWhen you close your internet browserEnvironmentSession

Performance cookies

RAD ART FAIR uses “performance” cookies to:

Provide statistics on how our website is used
Improve the site by identifying errors that may occur
Cookies classified as “performance” by RAD ART FAIR will NOT be used for:

Remembering your preferences or username after the end of the current visit
Some of these cookies are managed for us by other companies, but we do not allow these companies to use cookies for purposes other than those listed above.

By using our website you consent to the use of “performance” cookies. If you block them, we cannot predict how the site will perform for you.

Below is a list of “third party” cookies classified as “performance” cookies:

Cookie NameCookie TypeCookie expiry dateCategoriesType of use
Google Analytics (Third Party)“Permanent” cookies2 yearsEnvironmentAnalytical
Webtrends (Part 3)“Permanent” cookies10 yearsEnvironmentAnalytical

Functionality cookies

This site does not use functionality cookies.

Targeting cookies

RAD ART FAIR uses targeting cookies to:

  • Integration of Facebook support

RAD ART FAIR’s classified targeting cookies will NOT be used for:

  • Storing user information
  • Displaying targeted content

Some of these cookies are managed for us by other companies, but we do not allow these companies to use cookies for purposes other than those listed above.

You can block or allow the use of these cookies but blocking them may mean that we will no longer be able to provide certain services. Blocking them may also prevent us from remembering that you did not want a particular service.

Below is a list of targeting cookies:

Cookie NameCookie TypeCookie expiry dateCategoriesType of use
Facebook (Part 3)“Permanent” cookies  Facebook Login

Cookies placed by third parties

Our websites may contain cookies placed by third parties, which we do not control. For example, when you sign in to invitations through Facebook Connect, Facebook may use cookies or other technologies. Links to Facebook’s confidentiality policy, terms and conditions can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies/update.

We may also allow a third party (e.g. Google) to place cookies on our site to generate statistics about how these sites are used; occasionally this may include conducting remarketing activities for products and services you have seen on our or third party sites. This notice does not apply to applications, technologies or sites that are owned and/or operated by third parties (e.g. third-party advertisers or third-party ad servers) even if they use our technologies to store and collect information. We do however work with third parties to ensure that you are provided with the necessary information and that you have a choice. You should review the conditions of use, confidentiality policy, permissions and notices relevant to the collection, storage and distribution practices of those third parties.

Deleting Cookies

If you are not happy with the use of cookies on this site, you can easily delete them from your browser folder. You can also set your browser to block cookies or display a warning notification before a cookie is stored on your computer.

Because there are several types of browsers available, we won’t give instructions for all of them, but you can visit the “All about cookies” section.

If you use Windows Explorer, these are

  • Click on ‘Windows Explorer’
  • Select the ‘Search’ box in the toolbar
  • Type ‘cookie’ in the ‘Search’ box in ‘Folders and Files’
  • Choose ‘My Computer’ from the ‘Look In’ menu
  • Click on ‘Search Now’
  • Select and open the directories displayed as a result
  • Select cookie files
  • Click the ‘Delete’ button to delete the selected files If you do not have Windows Explorer, click ‘Help’ from the ‘Start’ menu and search for ‘cookies’ to find information on searching for cookies.

If you delete cookies you may not be able to use some of the services on our site or other sites.

Further information

For more information about cookies you can visit any of these pages:

Useful information about cookies can be found at:


Internet Advertising Bureau

A guide to behavioral advertising and Internet privacy produced by the Internet advertising industry:

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