Diptych Art Space, coordinated by curator Lina Țărmure and artist Zoltán Béla, opened its doors to the Bucharest public in September 2019.

Diptych created in its first three years of existence a rather conceptual direction. Among the exhibited artists are absolute firsts in Romania, such as Sándor Pinczehelyi, Micleușanu M, Maria Balabaș and Josef Wurm, but also artists already established on the Bucharest art scene. As an artist-run space, it established, in 2020, together with three other spaces the collaborative structure ALIAJ, a networks that aims to create a community around these types of exhibition spaces.

Currently, Diptych is working on its expansion in areas adjacent to visual art, launching in 2021 its first events with a focus on the relation between literature and art, wanting in the future to produce events that gather visual arts next to music and theatre, thus marking itself as a pluri-/interdisciplinary area.

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