Jecza gallery was founded in Timisoara initially as a family business in 2011 by Sorina Ianovici-Jecza and Andrei Jecza as an extension of Triade Interart Foundation.

The gallery had from the outset a strong propensity for the local historical scene, very important in the 60s and 70s. It represents artists and artist collectives, historical figures like Constantin Flondor, Sigma1 Group, subREAL but also young and prominent personalities like Tincuta Marin, Genti Korini and Pusha Petrov.

In 2018 Andrei Jecza took over and rebranded the gallery by developing its program and list of represented artists. The aim of the gallery is to represent east European artists who pioneered experimental art forms starting with the 1960s as well as to discover new talents that shape contemporary art history as we speak.