SABOT has been founded in 2009 in Cluj-Napoca, as an attempt to verify the raison d’être of a gallery in the third millennium.

A project incubator, a generator, moreover an eccentric travesty of a gallery, SABOT embraces curatorial and commercial models without solution of continuity. It raises questions rather than spell predictable truths, by sabotaging the fundamental division between high and low culture, process and result, art making and curating.

Since its beginnings, SABOT has unconditionally supported artistic practices that move away from the traditional paths of art-making and consumption, towards a blurrier, yet precise, cutting-edge research.

The non-profit nature of SABOT makes it possible to redirect all commercial revenues towards artistic production and promotion of emerging artists. SABOT tries this way to subvert the complicated logic of the art market and seeks to fabricate new tools for sustaining art at a time of financial struggle and social confusion.

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